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Yeguada PRE J.M. Viñuela

Luca SC

Introducing Luca SC: An Exceptional Stallion from Yeguada Viñuela

At Yeguada Viñuela, we are proud to present Luca SC, a colt born on 25/06/2023 with a spectacular pearl palomino coat. This young stallion already stands out from many foals his age, and we are excited to share his promising future with all of you..

Spectacular Morphology

From an early age, Luca SC has shown an impressive morphology. His neck and face structure are particularly remarkable, making him a real beauty. His harmonious and balanced physical conformation reflects the high quality standards we look for in our horses.

Elegant Movements

Luca SC’s movements are truly amazing. On the track, he seems to fly while maintaining an upright posture at all times. His gait, which seems to be executed in slow motion, is a spectacle to be admired. Each movement is a demonstration of elegance and natural grace.

Elite genetics

Luca SC’s genetics are equally impressive. His ancestry includes reference horses in the world of the pure Spanish thoroughbred, ensuring that he carries the best of the breed in his blood. This genetic heritage provides him with a solid foundation to become an outstanding performer in any stud farm.

A Promising Future

We are sure that Luca SC will delight anyone who wishes to incorporate him into their stud. His combination of spectacular morphology, elegant movements and elite genetics position him as a colt with a bright and promising future.


Luca SC is a marvel in every way. We invite all horse lovers to meet this exceptional colt at our stud. At Yeguada Viñuela, we pride ourselves on breeding horses of the highest quality, and Luca SC is a clear example of our commitment to excellence.


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