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"Luna Nueva AG" is a beautiful filly of Isabela coat that has us bewitched. Born on 24/04/2020 since she is in our house, she has us completely in love. A beautiful face, along with a dreamy morphology Its movements are light, balanced

"Sol de Viñuela" is a filly born 07/30/2020 with a beautiful Pearl Bucksin coat. Born to our impressive stallion Isabelo "Victorino HS" with origins by "Revoltoso XXIX" and Lastur in his paternal line. And its maternal line is not far behind, with

Today we present a very special filly, "Gala de Viñuela". Gala de Viñuela is the result of many years working with diluted layers, because their ascendants are horses born and raised in our stud, horses that after much work, effort and

"Giralda de Viñuela" born in our home 17/03/2020 is a pearly coated filly very much in the breed. A lot of class, a lot of power, a spectacular morphology and movements that amaze when you see them. A filly with a lot

"Creador JV", one of the foals that have impressed us the most with their movements. A spectacle to see him on the track, perfect movements, clean, rhythmic, very clear, a luxury for the eyes. Born 12/04/2018 coat dapple-grey, in our stud son

Today we bring you a genetic, morphological and styling marvel. This is "Goloso de Viñuela" colt born 15/05/2020 and bred in our house. With the new nomenclature he is a Perlino coat. A spectacle on the track, with movements that only great

"Elected MF" is a spectacular colt with a pearl bucksin (formerly pearl) coat. He was born on 12/07/2019 and already has an impressive presence and morphology. And the fact is that "Elegido MF" is not just any colt, you only have

In a few days some of the more than 50 mares that we have pregnant with our great stallion will begin to give birth, “Banana Joe JC” You can find all the information about our star stallion on our website, PINCHA

"Ben Hur VI" is a show, art made horse, a delight for the eye Born on 29/07/2019 this colt of Isabela coat and exceptional morphology has a constitution and structure of baroque horse, joining in the same specimen several of the

"Guadix de Terra" is a beautiful colt of coat color Isabela born on 02/06/2020 Their movements are clean with a happy trot and firm step. "Guadix de Terra" has a spectacular morphology and it is not for less, it descends from a