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Welcome to Yeguada Viñuela, home of Isleño XCVIII! Isleño XCVIII is a black stallion that has left an indelible mark on equine breeding globally. His legacy of offspring is a constant source of pride and admiration in the equestrian world, and

Today is a special day for us, because we present a specimen that is called to be the basis of one of our breeding lines for years to come. This is "Boni Indalo" a wonderful Cremello layer stallion born on 02/07/2016. With

Today we present a very special specimen. He is "Jaleo B III" a Perlina stallion born on 02/04/2008. And we say that it is very special because of its genetic characteristics, which it transmits in a spectacular way and that curiously all

When a horse is exceptional, it usually shows signs of that exceptionality from a very young age, practically from birth.It starts with gestures, with innate movements, nobody teaches them to him, they are just there. In addition, they begin to show

Today we present you a wonderful animal, his name "Ranchero XLVII" and he is a magnificent young Chestnut coated horse born on 09/06/2016. His genetics are impressive, his entire genealogical tree is full of great champions and top horses. It is

Today we present one of our new stallions "El Caporal de Fer". A spectacular breeding stallion born on 20/03/2017 and with the new nomenclature is classified as Baya Perla. A beautiful coat that also stands out in this specimen for having its

Rarely a horse name is as successful as in this issue and is that "Seductor XLVI" is that, an incredible seducer. Its movements, its elegance and its morphology are spectacular and seduce at first sight. Its origins also seduce, an incredible family

In the search for the highest quality and excellence, we have a stallion called to be one of the best in the world, our stallion Banana Joe JC (01/05/2015). The star par excellence of Yeguada Viñuela Its beauty is the cover


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