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First class care

Great facilities

We have first class facilities where every little detail is taken care of to guarantee our horses well-being.

Qualified personnel

The best personnel, professional and qualified so our horses only recieve the perfect care.

Perfect enviroment

The natural enviroment of our stud farm is perfect. The climate all year around is optimal and the environmental conditions add value to our work.

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  • Soñador de Viñuela II is a purebred Spanish colt that has been bred with love and care in our stud. Since his birth 02/08/2022 he has received all the care necessary for him to grow healthy and strong, and this

  • "Americana de Viñuela" is a Torda filly, born in our home on 06/26/2021. "Americana de Viñuela" is elegant, with a distinguished trot and a spectacular style worthy of the great purebred Spanish lines from which she descends. "Americana de Viñuela" has an

  • She is "Dama TN" and she is a beautiful filly born in our stud on 03/15/2021. With an ash-black coating that gives it an impressive chocolate tone. A color of what is not available on the market, a color that makes "Dama

  • Today we are talking about "Cataleya COB Viñuela" a spectacular Perlina filly born on 2/28/2021. "Cataleya COB Viñuela" has many points in her favor, among them an impressive morphology where her face and neck stand out, a face that we could

  • "Classico de Viñuela" is a beautiful colt born in our home on 07/19/2022 with a wonderful Palomina coat.. We bet for our broodmare "Jabata de Cortes", a very special mare that every year surprises us with impressive foals, the crossbreeding with

  • Today we present "Cachucho DF", a spectacular chestnut colt born on 04/04/2020 Cachucho DF" has an impressive morphology, very powerful, a lot of bone, very much in the breed. His movements are incredible, with a spectacular trot while maintaining a great elevation. With

  • This marvel is "SE Viena" a Perlina filly born 02/02/2021. At her young age, she already stands out in a big way and it is impressive to see her in action. Morphology, height and movements, he has it all and as it

  • "Luminosa SC II is a very special filly, born on 06/20/2022.And we say that she is special because of her genotype, Palomino Perla, which makes her the key to multiple options to obtain the desired coat.It is this genotype that

  • "Jacaranda de Viñuela" is a black filly born in our stud on 1/6/2022 and possesses the PRL gene in her genotype.. The first thing that stands out in "Jacaranda de Viñuela" is her morphology, she is impressive and very graceful, but

  • "Emir de Viñuela" is a chestnut colt born in our home on 06/27/2022. It is the result of our careful selection of specimens and genetic studies. "Emir de Viñuela" is a carrier of the Pearl gene. Son of "Banana Joe JC", our

  • We bid farewell to the year in style, with "Soleado HS", an Isabela foal born on 4/30/2022. And as you can see, with only a few months of life, its morphological structure is impressive. Very strong, lots of bone, superb movements and

  • Today we present "Bartolito" a beautiful Cremello colt born on 02/25/2021. "Bartolito" has a class and elegance worthy of seeing, he fills the track with his movements, he becomes lord and master of the terrain and he is in love with

  • Naranjita XXVII is one of our brood mares, born on 28/05/2003 with a sorrel coat. She has always given us very good specimens and is a fantastic mother. This year she surprises us again with a spectacular Palomina filly. Daughter of "Boni Indalo"

  • She is "BG Hechicera" a beautiful pearl coat filly born on 10/5/2022. With so little time "BG Hechicera" has us in love, maybe she cast a spell on us 😉 He has it all, a spectacular morphology, where his neck and face

  • Today we present a very special specimen. He is "Jaleo B III" a Perlina stallion born on 02/04/2008. And we say that it is very special because of its genetic characteristics, which it transmits in a spectacular way and that curiously all

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