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First class care

Great facilities

We have first class facilities where every little detail is taken care of to guarantee our horses well-being.

Qualified personnel

The best personnel, professional and qualified so our horses only recieve the perfect care.

Perfect enviroment

The natural enviroment of our stud farm is perfect. The climate all year around is optimal and the environmental conditions add value to our work.

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  • More than a year ago we introduced you to these two mares as fillies, and we commented that they would become part of our broodmares. Today we announce that they are already pregnant by our stallion Banana Joe JC and

  • "Sol de Viñuela" is a filly born 07/30/2020 with a beautiful Pearl Bucksin coat. Born to our impressive stallion Isabelo "Victorino HS" with origins by "Revoltoso XXIX" and Lastur in his paternal line. And its maternal line is not far behind, with

  • Introducing "Felina de Vara” stunning dapple-grey filly born on 18/03/2018. There is a lot to talk about "Felina de Vara" and it's all good. As soon as you see her, her morphology stands out, very much in keeping with the breed, very

  • "Tramuntana JV" is a dapple-grey filly born on 02/27/2018 that has something very special about her. "Tramuntana JV" has Top origins and genetics and we are talking about the best of the best. In the maternal line, two classified horses stand out:

  • "Luna Nueva AG" is a beautiful filly of Isabela coat that has us bewitched. Born on 24/04/2020 since she is in our house, she has us completely in love. A beautiful face, along with a dreamy morphology Its movements are light, balanced

  • "Nefrona" is a dapple grey mare born 01/01/2014. The images on this occasion speak for themselves, an animal very much in the breed, a very classic morphology, where all its parts are very well balanced. The front structure stands out especially with

  • Today is a special day for us, because we present a stallion that is called to be the basis of one of our breeding lines for years to come. This is "Boni Indalo" a wonderful Cremello coat stallion born on 02/07/2016. With

  • This is "Rondeño de Viñuela" impressive colt of Palomina Perl coat born on 07/28/2020. His father is our spectacular stallion Isabelo "Victorino HS" with origins by "Revoltoso XXIX" and Lastur in his paternal line. And his maternal line is not far behind,

  • "LL Virreina" is a stunning Palomina coat mare born on 02/04/2014. Here we present her and her no less impressive colt "Boni Tango", born 10/07/2020, with Perlino coat (new nomenclature). "LL Virreina is a magnificent mother and as you can see she

  • Today we introduce you to "Isis de Mara" a stunning broodmare, Perlina coat born 07/07/2014. She is accompanied by this year's calf, one of the wonders of our 2021 litter. The first thing that stands out in "Isis de Mara" is her

  • "Chanel de Viñuela" filly born on 09/14/2018 of Perlina coat according to the new nomenclature. It stands out for its impressive morphology, very much in the breed, with an impressive face and neck.. Her movements, as seen in the images, are magnificent,

  • "Esmeralda CPE" is a Bucksin coat color filly born on 01/07/2018. If there is one thing that characterizes this filly, it is elegance. It is elegant in its movements, smooth, clear and marked, but with a lot of class. It is elegant in

  • Today we present a very special filly, "Gala de Viñuela". Gala de Viñuela is the result of many years working with diluted layers, because their ascendants are horses born and raised in our stud, horses that after much work, effort and

  • "Giralda de Viñuela" born in our home 17/03/2020 is a pearly coated filly very much in the breed. A lot of class, a lot of power, a spectacular morphology and movements that amaze when you see them. A filly with a lot

  • "Creador JV", one of the foals that have impressed us the most with their movements. A spectacle to see him on the track, perfect movements, clean, rhythmic, very clear, a luxury for the eyes. Born 12/04/2018 coat dapple-grey, in our stud son

  • Today we bring you a genetic, morphological and styling marvel. This is "Goloso de Viñuela" colt born 15/05/2020 and bred in our house. With the new nomenclature he is a Perlino coat. A spectacle on the track, with movements that only great

  • "Elected MF" is a spectacular colt with a pearl bucksin (formerly pearl) coat. He was born on 12/07/2019 and already has an impressive presence and morphology. And the fact is that "Elegido MF" is not just any colt, you only have

  • The Extremadura Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders A.E.C.C.R.E. interviewed D. José Manuel Viñuela García, owner of this house, in our stud. We are very grateful for the report and the attention received, it has been a pleasure to receive you

  • In a few days some of the more than 50 mares that we have pregnant with our great stallion will begin to give birth, “Banana Joe JC” You can find all the information about our star stallion on our website, PINCHA

  • "Ben Hur VI" is a show, art made horse, a delight for the eye Born on 29/07/2019 this colt of Isabela coat and exceptional morphology has a constitution and structure of baroque horse, joining in the same specimen several of the

  • "Guadix de Terra" is a beautiful colt of coat color Isabela born on 02/06/2020 Their movements are clean with a happy trot and firm step. "Guadix de Terra" has a spectacular morphology and it is not for less, it descends from a

  • "Boni Mara" a beautiful filly born 26/01/2020 with a spectacular pearl coat that makes you fall in love with her. And it is that "Boni Mara" has some movements and an impressive morphology where a wonderful neck and face stand out. And

  • This is "Tizón LVIII" a spectacular colt born on 19/03/2019 that with the new nomenclature is evaluated as "Black Isabela" (Before Isabela) "Tizón LVIII" is an opportunity like few others in our stud, it is for sale and if you are

  • We are specialists in diluted coat color, but we know how to recognise a magnificent specimen when we see one, and this colt with a black coat color is certainly one of them.. We present to you "Intrépido XXXVI" a colt

  • This marvel of colt is "Gijón de Terra" born on 24/03/2020 An Isabela color colt that has us in love, his movements are perfect and his morphology is like a champion. Just going out on the track tells us that we are

  • We present to you "Quintra de Viñuela" a magnificent filly born on 08/04/2020 that with the new denomination is considered "Palomina Perla" color before "Perlina". "Quintra de Viñuela" is the daughter of our stallion "Banana joe Jc" and granddaughter of the

  • When a horse is exceptional, it tends to give signs of that exceptionality from a very young age, practically from birth.> It starts with gestures, with innate movements, nobody shows them to it, they are simply there. In addition, they begin

  • Coming from the most exclusive line of the prestigious Paco Marti breeding, we present to you a spectacular and impressive Isabelo layer filly, "Bailaora DIS” Born on 25 February 2019, at barely a year and a half old you can see

  • You already know that our star stallion is "Banana Joe JC" and today we present to you one of his sons, who of course is called "Banana Gold Viñuela” Born in our stud farm on 25/03/2020, he is the son of

  • "Enemy MF" is different, it's beautiful, it's elegant, it has a "something" that just by looking at it you fall in love. She is affectionate and calm. He was born on 27/05/2019 and we can already see that his morphology is spectacular,

  • When we say we take care of everything, we mean we take care of everything. Management, documentation, transport, quarantine, etc., are procedures that we handle on a daily basis and we are professional experts. We put the horse you want at the

  • The importance of mother's genetics in horse breeding has been scientifically proven. The female chromosome is larger than the male one so the genetic information provided is greater by the mother than by the father. That is why we take special care

  • A week ago we were talking about a great filly that was sold almost at the time of publication. It was about “Trianera de Viñuela” We know that with "Dorada XCII" the same will happen, because it is her sister and

  • We present you a spectacular colt with a color Isabela, born on 14/04/2019 "Silvestre XIII" is a marvel on the track, his movements are joyful and lively, with an innate elegance, watching him trot is a treat for the eye, they

  • "Trianera de Viñuela" is a filly born in our stud and impresses as soon as she comes out to the track. Isabela colour Born inside our house, with a strict control in the choice of its parents and control of

  • “Banana JR Viñuela" is one of the first Perlino color foals of our star stallion "Banana Joe JC" and therefore we have a very special affection for him. Later we have had more births with the seed of "Banana Joe JC"

  • "Cecilio ME" is a colt born on 15/07/2019 and his appearance indicates that he will be a marvel of a specimen.But what "Cecilio ME" has is that he is a very exclusive colt because of his color, he is a

  • XM Fabiola is a magnificent three-year-old mare with very outstanding origins.This translates into an enviable morphology, among other characteristics. Granddaughter of Fer Tempranillo, both by her mother's and father's branches. Famous and spectacular stallion, several times Spanish champion, a guarantee of

  • The spectacular "Quorum Golden" is a two and a half year old colt with a Perlina color and a small "e" in its genotype. We leave you the layer colour transmission report, by the Complutense University of Madrid.

  • "Mencia VLR" is a foal less than a year old, but with a style and movements that many mares would like. With a spectacular Isabelo color, she is delighting those who have already seen her and "Mencia VLR" already has several

  • "Luna VLR II" is five months old. She is a wonderful filly from Capa Isabelo. Very calm and balanced The movements of "Luna VLR II" are very harmonious, with an elegant and distinguished step. It stands out in its morphology the wonderful

  • Finding a foal of these characteristics occurs only on very rare occasions."Welcome VLR" is one such case. To say that the movements of this foal of little more than five months are spectacular, an elegant trot, some slow and distinguished movements. His

  • "Veranita YT" is a beautiful Perlina color foal, recently turned one year old, very elegant in her movements and with a wonderful quality.Very calm and quiet character, she will surely be the delight of those who want to take her

  • This colt is "Elvys de Viñuela" together with his mother "Silmaril Vela" It is a spectacular Isabelo color colt that was acquired by his owner before his birth. We had an order from our client, we made a genetic study of both

  • “Blonde SC” just turned one year old and we can see that it will be a great stallion. Beautiful Perlino color, a magnificent morphology, where a spectacular neck and face and slow and elegant movements stand out. It has a small “ee”

  • The first thing that stands out just seeing "Perseo SC" is its bearing and morphology, with only two years old (06/02/2018) this foal is already impressing everywhere. A beautiful Perlino color is another of its most outstanding characteristics. Its origins are fantastic,

  • “"Carismática Las lunas” is one of our new breeding mares, with proven origins and both morphology and great character. It stands out for being a carrier of the "prl" gene, so we have it for very special crosses. Here we present her

  • "Ylen SC" is a wonderful yearling filly that already stands out for its spectacular morphology. With a beautiful Perlina (cr / prl) color, he has great movements and a calm and friendly character. “Ylen SC” the origins cannot be better, since they

  • This spectacular one-year-old colt is "Zafiro SC", you just have to see that we are facing a future champion stud. Its morphology stands out in all its sections, it is a real beauty. Perlino coat foal (cr / prl) with a small

  • Another wonderful foal Perlino (new nomenclature) celebrates its years in our stud. We present to you "Gaditano HS III" today is one year old and exudes elegance on all four sides. Just seeing him on the track jogging free is a pleasure,

  • What better time to present in society a magnificent colt than his birthday. Today"Anubis SC is an exact year old.. The makings of this colt, its movements and its structure with such young age already stand out and tells us that

  • Canal Extremadura television has released this Sunday a new program dedicated to the world of horses. As they explain themselves: “” ”This new program brings you closer to everything that surrounds the world of horses in our region. We are going

  • Magnificent two-year colt is this "Trotamundos YT" that we have for sale in Yeguada J.M. Viñuela With a spectacular Perlina color and enviable origins, son of "Atila FA" an incredible Isabelo stallion and with a Baya Color mother "Karamelo III" with

  • Quilate Golden is a beautiful two-year-old colt, with an incredible Cremella color, a pleasure for the eyes. Son of one of the greats of Yeguada Viñuela as is Gitano RB which gives him even more value, for his wonderful genetic origins. This

  • With the arrival of spring also comes the new foals, it is a special time in our stud, full of enthusiasm and joy for the new specimens. We conduct a thorough study of the most appropriate crosses and genetically study all

  • She is "Manoli" a spectacular 8 month old filly Isabela color. "Manoli" is very noble with an exceptional attitude and incredible movements and morphology. "Manoli" has a wonderful color, of what there is not, which makes it a very desired specimen. A unique

  • Rarely a horse name is as successful as in this issue and is that "Seductor XLVI" is that, an incredible seducer. Its movements, its elegance and its morphology are spectacular and seduce at first sight. Its origins also seduce, an incredible family

  • We hoped he wasn't with us for a long time, having the parents like the ones he has, with a father like Gypsy RB, we knew he wouldn't be long in our house. And so it has been, so fast

  • Original VII is a magnificent and as you can see, spectacular 3-year-old foal, its genetics are spectacular, a beautiful pearl layer, analyzed by ANCCE that has in its small "e" genes. His father, you already know him and you have

  • In the search for the highest quality and excellence, we have a stallion called to be one of the best in the world, our stallion Banana Joe JC (01/05/2015). The star par excellence of Yeguada Viñuela Its beauty is the cover

  • Another of our jewels, Foforito OG father of the famous Gitano BS With his movements and elegance he makes clear that his genes are very special and we are very happy to have them among our stallions.Many of their children are

  • The SICAB is the International Exhibition of the Purebred Spanish Horse and which is consolidated as the largest equestrian event in the world around the Spanish purebred horse. It is celebrated in Seville between November 19 and 24 and we

  • Gitano RB is a spectacular stallion of the year 2010 of Palomina Golden layer, this makes him a specimen with a unique beauty. His movements are leisurely and elegant, this together with its wonderful beauty, makes it the fundamental thing

  • The importance of the genetics of mothers, in the breeding of horses, is more than scientifically proven. The female chromosome is larger than the male, so the genetic information provided is greater by the mother than by the father.That is why

  • We do not get tired of saying it, we are committed to quality and we are always thinking and working for it, and not only do we think about the present, we do it thinking about the future. One of our

  • Never a name has come to a colt, Winner of Viñuela aspires to be a winner and we believe that it will be. We present you Winner of Viñuela and his mother Minima FM. Winner of Viñuela in a foal born in

  • Yeguada Viñuela, puts on sale one of the most outstanding horses of its stud Any information about this and other horses, we will be happy to provide it by contacting us on the tlf +34 635 610 321 or via email in

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