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We present "Boni Zafiro" colt born on 20/01/2020 with a beautiful Perlino coat (new nomenclature). "Boni Zafiro" is a spectacle on the track, surprising the first time we saw him and we confirmed the following ones, that the movements they present

"Lucky HS" is a wonderful colt with a spectacular Cremello coat born on 01/09/2019. The first thing that stands out is a perfect color, very uniform. Together with an excellent morphology, this colt is called to be a great specimen. The movements

Today we present a very special filly, "Gala de Viñuela". Gala de Viñuela is the result of many years working with diluted layers, because their ascendants are horses born and raised in our stud, horses that after much work, effort and

"Remache VLR" Isabela foal born 4/13/2020. To speak of "Remache VLR" is to speak of a complete, rounded colt, where all the characteristics necessary for an exceptional PRE are complete and at a very high level. His father, the magnificent "Descaro PM

"Sol de Viñuela" is a filly born 07/30/2020 with a beautiful Pearl Bucksin coat. Born to our impressive stallion Isabelo "Victorino HS" with origins by "Revoltoso XXIX" and Lastur in his paternal line. And its maternal line is not far behind, with

Introducing "Felina de Vara” stunning dapple-grey filly born on 18/03/2018. There is a lot to talk about "Felina de Vara" and it's all good. As soon as you see her, her morphology stands out, very much in keeping with the breed, very

"Tramuntana JV" is a dapple-grey filly born on 02/27/2018 that has something very special about her. "Tramuntana JV" has Top origins and genetics and we are talking about the best of the best. In the maternal line, two classified horses stand out:

"Luna Nueva AG" is a beautiful filly of Isabela coat that has us bewitched. Born on 24/04/2020 since she is in our house, she has us completely in love. A beautiful face, along with a dreamy morphology Its movements are light, balanced

This is "Rondeño de Viñuela" impressive colt of Palomina Perl coat born on 07/28/2020. His father is our spectacular stallion Isabelo "Victorino HS" with origins by "Revoltoso XXIX" and Lastur in his paternal line. And his maternal line is not far behind,