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Yeguada PRE J.M. Viñuela

Favorito Bas II

When a horse is exceptional, it usually shows signs of that exceptionality from a very young age, practically from birth.

It starts with gestures, with innate movements, no one teaches them to him, they are just there.

In addition, they begin to show the character he will have in the future, whether he will be noble, nervous or slow.

In the case of “Favorito Bas II” all indications clearly showed that we would find a true champion, an exceptional specimen.

“Favorito Bas II”, is one of those called to be a reference in our stud and a reference for all our customers.

The impressive make of this Perlino, with elegant and slow movements, his size, his nobility, are indicative of a great one.

15 of our best mares are pregnant by “Favorito Bas II”, their births are expected in spring. We accept in-womb bookings.

His family tree is also impressive, discovering his origins will impress anyone, where his grandfather “Divino XVIII” stands out among others, another exceptional example.

We like to serve our customers in a personalized way.

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