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Author: Yeguada Vinuela

Bolero Valle: The Isabelo colt that leaves his mark at Yeguada Viñuela At Yeguada Viñuela, we are excited to present Bolero Valle, one of the best stallions that have ever passed through our farm. Born on 02/06/2021, this spectacular isabelo colt

Discover the majesty of "Diamante de Viñuela". At Yeguada Viñuela, we are delighted to present "Diamante de Viñuela", an exceptional filly born at our prestigious stud. This magnificent specimen is the proud fruit of the union with our young stallion Cine

Diamar SC: A Genetic Jewel in Yeguada Viñuela At Yeguada Viñuela, we are proud to present Diamar SC, a very special filly born on 27/06/2023. Exceptional Genotype Diamar SC stands out for its unique Baya Perla genotype, making it a key component for

Immerse yourself in the majesty of Bella Laura Viñuela. This filly is not just a horse, she is an equine masterpiece that embodies exclusivity at its finest. Her Isabela Alazana coat is not only unique in its elegance, it is

Introducing Belleza de Viñuela, a spectacular bay filly with a double cr with a small "e", born at our prestigious stud. This magnificent stallion is a daughter of our star stallion Banana Joe JC, known for transmitting his exceptional characteristics

We are pleased to present Hechicera de Viñuela, a spectacular pearl filly born at our stud! This extraordinary filly is a daughter of our star stallion, Banana Joe JC, and meets all the requirements that any Pura Raza Española fan

Today we present Lucia HS, a magnificent chestnut Isabelo filly that stands out for her impressive morphology and exceptional movements. This filly is not only visually stunning, but also possesses enviable genetics by the renowned Lastur stallion, making her a

Today we are pleased to present Sebas SC, a magnificent colt that leaves no one indifferent. With a special Isabelo Alazán coat, Sebas SC is a unique specimen that stands out both for his beauty and his extraordinary genetics. Sebas SC


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