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July 2024

Introducing Leyenda Valle: A Unique Filly in Yeguada Viñuela At Yeguada Viñuela, we are proud to present Leyenda Valle, an impressive chestnut isabella filly with a classic baroque morphology. This specimen is unique in the world, both for her type and

Introducing Poseída de Viñuela: A Magnificent Filly with Exceptional Inheritance At Yeguada Viñuela, we are delighted to present Poseída de Viñuela, a magnificent bay filly born on our farm. This exceptional filly is a daughter of our baroque stallion Boni Indalo

Introducing Olímpica de Viñuela: The New Star of Our Stud Farm At our beloved Yeguada Viñuela, every birth is a cause for celebration and pride. Today we are pleased to present Olímpica de Viñuela, a palomino filly that has arrived to


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