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Mérida is a city of Spain, the capital of the autonomous community of Extremadura, western central Spain, located north of Badajoz province. Its municipality is one of the largest of the country, with a population around 60,000.

Romam Empreror Octavio Augustus founded the colony Iulia Augusta Emerita, settling the veterans – dicharged soldiers – from X and V legion after the Cantabrians victories.

Augusta Emerita was one of the most important Roman cities and had all the usual monuments, including Theatre, Amphitheatre and Circus.

Merida preserves nowadays a lot of roman monuments allowing the visitor to travel in time to that magnificent epoch. Visigoths, arabs and christians left an important cultural legacy worth of a visit.

The city has been an UNESCO World Heritage site since december 1993 due to its impressive historical scenery

Our stud farm is just 10 km from Mérida, besides Madrid-Lisboa A5 highway.

Visiting Merida let you enjoy the heritage from the first settlers of the city along centuries, its streets are a reflection of roman, visigoth, arab and christian cultures.

Merida provides all the services so your visit to our stud farm becomes also a great cultural and travelling experience.


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