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Yeguada PRE J.M. Viñuela

Chela GM and her first foal

At Yeguada Viñuela, we are delighted to announce that our beloved Chela GM has had her first foal, and as we expected, he is a real marvel. This Isabelo colt is not only beautiful, but has also proved to be docile and affectionate, quickly becoming the right eye of our stud.

A Foal that Steals Hearts

From the very first moment, this colt has shown a charming personality. It is impressive to see him quickly approach visitors to the stud, always looking for affection and attention from everyone. His affable and affectionate character makes him a delight to interact with..

A Legacy of Excellence

The colt is a son of a special stallion, “Isleño CXVIII”, who sadly is no longer with us, but whose legacy lives on through this young stallion. The dam, Chela GM, has been a jewel from the first moment we saw her grow up. We knew she would bring us great satisfaction, and we were not wrong.

Chela GM destaca por su envidiable morfología, con características muy marcadas dentro de la raza. Sus movimientos son largos, plásticos y llenos de gracia, una verdadera exhibición de elegancia equina.

Noble Origins

The origins of Chela GM are simply magnificent. Daughter of “Shapei de Narbon”, descendant of “Impetuoso Gap II” by paternal line, and with a maternal line that highlights the quality of Valdeolivas, guaranteeing excellence with a grandfather like “Normando V”, a spectacular specimen.

Growth and Complicity

The images speak for themselves. The complicity between Chela GM and her foal is total, which ensures optimum physical and psychological growth for the young foal. The bond between mother and son is palpable, and this translates into a harmonious and balanced development.

At Yeguada Viñuela, we are excited to share this special moment with all of you. Chela GM and her foal Isabelo represent the best of our dedication to the breeding of purebred Spanish horses.

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