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Yeguada PRE J.M. Viñuela

Diamar SC (Sold)

Diamar SC: A Genetic Jewel in Yeguada Viñuela

At Yeguada Viñuela, we are proud to present Diamar SC, a very special filly born on 27/06/2023.

Exceptional Genotype

Diamar SC stands out for its unique Baya Perla genotype, making it a key component for any breeder. This genotype offers multiple options to obtain the desired coat in future animals, facilitating mating and improving breeding prospects.

Beauty and Morphology

Not only her genetics are impressive, but also her appearance. Diamar SC is a beautiful filly with a spectacular morphology and elegant and graceful movements, worthy of the best houses.

Inheritance of Great Herds

Coming from an outstanding lineage, Diamar SC has in his pedigree renowned stallions such as “Revoltoso XXIX” by Paco Marti, “Lastur” and the impressive stallion “Excelente SH”. The latter, known for his Perlina coat, is very famous in California and comes from the ranch “Los Alvarez” of our friend and client Miguel Gonzalez.

A Safe Bet

With his unique combination of genetics, beauty and movements, Diamar SC is not only a promising horse, but also a safe bet for any breeder looking for quality and exclusivity in his stud.

Find out more about Diamar SC and other wonders at Yeguada Viñuela, your next equine star is waiting for you!

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