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Yeguada PRE J.M. Viñuela

Hechicera de Viñuela

We are pleased to present Hechicera de Viñuela, a spectacular pearl filly born at our stud! This extraordinary filly is a daughter of our star stallion, Banana Joe JC, and meets all the requirements that any Pura Raza Española fan could wish for: perfect morphology, exquisite movements and a pedigree full of great names such as Bronco PM, Revoltoso XXIX and Divo PM.

Outstanding Features:

  • Impeccable Morphology: Hechicera de Viñuela has an exceptional bone structure, a reflection of her illustrious ancestors. Her body is perfectly proportioned, showing the nobility and strength characteristic of her genetic line.
  • Docile and malleable character: This filly is not only a jewel in terms of her appearance, but also in terms of her character. She is incredibly docile and easy to handle, making her an ideal choice for both breeding and training.
  • Elegant Movements: Her movements are simply mesmerising. Graceful, elegant and perfectly balanced, Hechicera de Viñuela moves with a fluidity that is captivating at first sight.
  • Perfect Pearl Cloak: Hechicera de Viñuela’s pearl cloak is truly stunning. This rare and exotic colour adds a touch of distinction that makes it stand out in any environment.

Hechicera de Viñuela is, without a doubt, a world class horse, perfect for the most demanding clients looking for the best in the Pura Raza Española. This filly promises not only to maintain, but to raise the standards of our stud, guaranteeing satisfaction and pride to her future owner.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Hechicera de Viñuela, a true wonder of nature and a real treasure in any equine collection!

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