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Yeguada PRE J.M. Viñuela

Hierbabuena JL

Today we present a spectacular Alazana mare born on 05/06/2015.

Her name “Hierbabuena JL”.

“Hierbabuena JL” has a lot of goodness, it stands out for its quiet and calm character, very comfortable to work with.

Its morphology, baroque type, is one of the lines that are now being requested a lot by customers from Central Europe.

Lots of bone and great bone structure, it shows a spectacular neck.

His movements are very calm and slow, very much in line with his own style, which we are sure he will transmit very well to his offspring.

He has a stupendous family tree, with outstanding specimens such as “Candelero IV” in the paternal line or “Gavilán XXIV” in the maternal line.

In addition, two specimens “Festivo XI” and “Gaviota XXIII” of his ancestors remind us of a great friend and a beautiful person who will always be in our hearts, Mr. Fernando González Solís (r.i.p.).

“Hierbabuena JL” is a mare of guarantee, with whom you can’t go wrong and a safe bet for any self-respecting stud.

We accept reservations and ship worldwide, we take care of all documentation and arrangements.

We attend exclusively to our clients in a personalized way.

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